Assured Parenting

Assured Parenting

Children do not come with an instruction manual and all children present us with challenges Assured Parenting offers short positive parenting courses to help children aged 2 to 18 thrive.

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About the Business:

Sam, owner of Assured Parenting had this to say about her business.

“All children, including my own, present us with challenges. I’m a Mum with two very different children. I’ve navigated choppy waters with my son’s very sensitive and anxious temperament and had to learn to work with my daughters stubborn and independent personality. As parents we can reach our wits end trying to figure out what to do and life can feel chaotic. It is absolutely not an admission of failure to do a parenting course, we are all trying to do our best with our kids and what I can give fellow parents is a helping had to bring out the best in your children. Even if you are a relatively calm parent you can learn positive parenting skills and help your children become more resilient and ready to face the set backs and challenges they will face in the world.

I run short positive parenting courses and the material has been referred to as ‘gold dust for parents’. What you learn will help you raise children with a strong self-esteem, without losing their individual personality or your own family values. Each child and each family is unique and you can choose how you apply these techniques in your own family.

The courses are run over 5 weeks with a weekly session of 2 hours at my family home in Beckenham and I look forward to welcoming you to them. You will meet other lovely parents with whom to share your journey through parenthood and with the classes having only 5 people in each time, you will get to hear what everyone has to offer and share what you wish to.”

Every parent will wish they had done this course once they hear about it.

Business Address: South East London
  • Assured Parenting
  • Assured Parenting

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