We love Dreamland.


Our friends moved to Margate some time back and it was time to pay a visit. So we packed up the car and headed down for the day with the kids to discover this new town with them. It took just over an hour from South London. These wise friends don’t have kids and were eager to show off the town but also keep the kids well entertained. 

They said there was no discussion – we HAVE to go to Dreamland.

The helter skelter at dreamland

Updated for today’s generation, Dreamland still retains much of it’s old style charm

Founded in the 1870s, it’s been updated for today’s generation

If you haven’t been before, Dreamland has quite the history. It is believed to be the oldest-surviving amusement park in the country and dates back to the early 1870s and over the years has included a zoo, a miniature railway, cinema, cafes, restaurants, bars and wondrous ballroom which has played host to The Who, The Rolling Stones and T Rex to name just few. In 2003, there was a long campaign to save the site and in 2013 the local council purchased it and it re-opened in 2015 with much fanfare. It has since had additional investment and the site looks pretty special – combining all the fun of the fair but in a super cool way. The design team have done an incredible job of combining the best of the history of the site but updating it for a new generation of customers.

The carousel and miniature railway at Dreamland

Hours of fun for the kids

We purchased unlimited wristbands for all of us (cost us £60 in advance). We decided to take the hit up front and enjoy everything! The great thing is that we didn’t have to wait too long for any of the rides and the ones the kids loved, they just keep going on for more. In fact our eldest did Jumping Star four times! Made us sick just watching. Our kids are a bit dare-devillish. It can be scary at times and means Mum and Dad have to do it too. But you have to get into the spirit of this place and get involved.

Vintage rides, roller disco, street food and much more

Our kids loved some of the old vintage rides include the Waltzer and spent a long time in Teddy and Betty Land designed for little ones. There really is something for everyone and for us adults, lovely street food, cool bars plus a great programme of live events. You really feel like the whole family is winning on this trip.

Image of a pair of aviator sunglasses next to a portion of hot chips

Try some of the great street food

There’s also a Roller Disco and a Soft Play area but we decided to save that for our next trip. 


We stayed for hours. There was so much to keep the kids occupied and the fact that we shelled out for the unlimited bands, we simply let the kids fill their boots.  

Dreamland gets a definite thumbs up from us plus we are loving the Margate vibe.  

Follow up your visit with a trip to the Turner Contemporary Gallery and a walk around the Old Town. Give this facebook page a like for some ideas on where to go. Our top tip is also a visit to RG Scotts Furniture Mart at the Old Ice Works to secure some vintage bits. 

Chairs and lampshades at vintage furniture shop, Junk Deluxe

Check out nearby Junk Deluxe for vintage furniture

Junk Deluxe can be found here and their vintage furniture is the best. One of our kitchen chairs hails from this establishment.



    A few fast facts…

    • The park is only fully open from Spring.
    • The Costs are £5 to enter and the costs of the rides or you can buy unlimited wristbands. It is all done on height plus there are off-peak and peak prices. Find out more here
    • Opening hours vary depending on the time of year. Check the website before you go. It is a fantastic website! https://www.dreamland.co.uk/

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