In Our Backyard caught up with local author and scout leader, John Hemming-Clark to hear about the latest book in his series of books about Horace Horrise.

John is launching the eighth book about this lovable character – Horace Horrise. This edition is named “Horace Horrise and the Rickshaw”.

Horace is 11 years old, a scout and hails from Chislehurst. The author has dubbed him the “UK’s funniest, liveliest and naughtiest young person alive!”

John Hemming ClarkThe adventures of Horace Horrise are inspired by John’s own experiences as a Scout Leader and hearing funny stories from his young scouts. He was once challenged by a fellow leader to simply write them down. John started by charting his experiences as a scout leader which led to his first book, In You Go.

This set on him on the path to create Horace Horrise; his adventures as a scout and his life outside of school. Horace is always looking for a new adventure and like all young boys occasionally comes unstuck!!

This eighth instalment focusses on Horace’s decision to press the family’s old rickshaw bicycle attachment back into service. After a trial run, Horace is called upon to undertake a much longer journey to London. This story charts that tale and the surprising discovery about his passenger.

On speaking to John, he pitches Horace as a modern day equivalent to Richmal Crompton’s Just William. He is also pleased to focus on a modern young boy who is not obsessed with mobile phones and gaming. This young lad is having real life adventures in and around Chislehurst.

You can purchase this book online at Amazon or it is available at the Post Office on the High St in Chislehurst.

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Horace Horrise and the Rickshaw is £5.99 and available on Amazon
John Hemming-Clark is a local author and Scout Leader. Read more here 
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